Tulips - Light Up The Garden With A Blaze Of Spring Colour

You really know when spring has sprung when tulips turn the garden into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colour.

Helebores - For Early Spring Colour

Hellebores are flowers that really brighten up your garden in those very early months in the year when there is not a lot going on and little colour to smile about.

Daffodils - little rays of spring sunshine!

Daffodils are a sure sign that spring has sprung and there is nothing more uplifting that the glowing sight of daffodils in full bloom.

Euphorbia - weird but wonderful

Euphorbia Robbia – Euphorbia amygdaloides var. robbiae also known as ‘Mrs Robbs Bonnet’ is an interesting flowering plant for the borders.

Invite hedgehogs into your garden - the gardeners best friend!

Hedgehogs are a gardener’s best friend as they eat caterpillars, beetles, slugs, and other critters that just love to cause havoc with your plants.

David Austin Roses - some of the most exquisite roses in the world

I can remember way back in the late ’60s earning pocket money packing rose catalogues for Harry Wheatcroft who was at that time the number one grower and place to buy roses. We always had roses in my parents garden and no surprises little has changed. We have an abundance of them.

What to Feed Squirrels

What do squirrels eat? Almost anything. They forage for whatever foodstuff they can find and hoard it for later. But just because they will eat almost anything doesn’t mean they should.

Sweet peas - Sweet Climbing Jewels

If there is one flower, in a delightful multitude of stunning colours, that rises above the rest it has to be the sweet pea.

Clean, Green Mowing Machine - Cordless Eco Lawnmowers Under the Spotlight

Cordless eco lawnmowers are becoming more desirable and necessary as they positively impact global warming. With powerful battery development, it should seem like a no-brainer. but is it?

Where To Position Bird Nesting Boxes

The limiting factor, when deciding where to position bird nesting boxes, may well be the features in your garden.

Flowers, Veg and More Flowers Everywhere - June is Busting Out All Over!

Flowers everywhere – everything’s coming up roses—peonies—and every other flower we planted.

Attracting Diverse Natural Visitors

We are very fortunate to have an abundance of natural wildlife surrounding us as our house backs onto farmland and is surrounded by mature oaks and hedgerows.

Feeding Plants Makes All The Difference!

I only took feeding plants seriously this year and was astounded at the difference it has made.

Raised Beds - Instant Garden That You Control

I had put off digging over a weed and stone-infested patch for a couple of years and eventually, the bullet had to be bitten. So I chickened out and took an easier route…or so I thought. I built three raised beds using wooden decking planks, cut to size, and screwed in a frame.