Cordless eco lawnmowers are becoming more desirable and necessary as they positively impact global warming. With powerful battery development, it should seem like a no-brainer. but is it?

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It all comes down to performance and cost. Does a battery-powered mower cut the mustard (and the grass!)?

The cost of decent battery-operated eco lawnmowers does seem to be generally higher than petrol-driven counterparts – but this is always an unfortunate law of economics – and shameful!  It is the same in the automobile market.  As soon as something is desirable or costs less to run, the price goes up, often making any saving through cheaper running costs cancelled out.

In the case of petrol mowers, the cost to run is minimal, as fuel for the grass cutting season is generally just a few gallons unless you have a lawn the size of a football stadium. so it’s really about the ecological impact of using renewable energy versus fossil fuel.

What about performance? We have looked at customer reviews in. the market and the consensus is that a battery-powered eco lawnmowers do not cut as well as their petrol and mains-powered counterparts, which is a huge thumbs down.

Another consideration is battery duration – vital to know before you buy especially if you have a decent-sized lawn or maybe lawns at front and rear.  I just want to do it all in one and the thought of having to stop halfway through to recharge the battery is, for me, is a non-starter.  Thankfully modern lithium batteries are built to see the job through.

While on the subject – when recharging lithium batteries never do it inside your house. Why? – because they can (very rarely) overheat and ignite.  When lithium batteries catch fire they do so with explosive force and give off highly toxic fumes that can kill if inhaled.  Just to depress you further – you cannot extinguish a lithium battery fire with anything and water makes the fire worse believe it or not.  

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On the up side, technology can only improve and as batteries and efficiencies in the battery powered lawnmowers  improve there will come a time that they are an equal to any petrol driven mower.  To sum up:

Eco Lawnmower Pros

  • Clean and green
  • No need to purchase and store fuel
  • Cheaper to run than a petrol driven mower
  • Less maintenance than a petrol driven mower

Eco Lawnmower Cons

  • Currently more expensive to buy
  • The grass cut is generally not as fine (if you want a bowling green this is not for you!).
  • Limited, due to battery capacity and may need recharging or additional batteries for larger lawns.