Flowers, Veg and More Flowers Everywhere

Flowers everywhere – everything’s coming up roses—peonies—and every other flower we planted. 

more flowers everywhere - yellow roses
   Abundant blooms on roses in June

I love June, the time of year when all the hard work comes back to reward you.  Hours of digging, planting seeds, transplanting, potting on, weeding and battling every bug determined to banquet in the garden has been worth it.

Astrantia - sparkling stars red more flowers
   Astrantia – sparkling stars red

After such a cold spring this year, nature has just about caught up, albeit just a little late. Now it is time to enjoy an abundance of colour, birds, bees and sunshine.  I do all my articles and writing in my favourite spot on the patio – nothing better, surrounded by pots of flowers and a cup of coffee! 

bistro set on patio surrounded by potted plants
My thinking spot on the patio surrounded by pots of flowers

The green house is in full swing with tomatoes, summer squash, two varieties of cucumbers, bell peppers, carno peppes, chillis, butternut Squash, plus a few more exotic plants I am trying out.  

greenhouse vedge june 2021
Greenhouse in full swing

With such an abundance of flowers available it is so nice to be able to pick and display indoors.  A selection of Geraniums, sweet peas, Spiraea Japonica (if my memory serves me correctly!).  The mauve and pink geraniums tend to swamp everything if you let them so I didn’t feel too bad about pickeing them.

hand picked from the garden - indoor floral magic
   Hand picked from the garden – indoor floral magic
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One of the most striking roses in the garden was bought by a family member for our silver wedding anniversary.  It is a stunning shade of white and has the perfect name…”Silver Wedding’.

This rose was planted in the raised bed on the north face of the garden and did not like it at all with some fairly poor blooms.  I moved it, put it in a pot and have fed it weekly.  As you can see the resuly is quite stunning!

silver. wedding rose
   ‘Silver wedding’ – a class act!

June has turned out to be a special month – as it usually is.  Next month should see some dramatic growth in climbers and larger plants.  I am going to sit back and enjoying the show!

blaze of colour tangerines and oranges
A blaze of June colour – African Sunset (Left), Calendular and Geums (middle) and Nasturtium (right)