Olive Oil Black Soap – Gardeners Eco Friend

I first saw olive oil black soap on an instagram post, being used to clean a greenhouse. Nothing special I thought until I started digging deeper. 

olive oil black soap
   Olive oil black soap – Amazon UK Amazon US

The most obvious benefit was the totally green ingredients.  You can use this near plants, grass, flowers and vegetable without having to worry about splashing any harmful chemicals. Olive oil soap is made from concentrated olives – hence the very dark color.

The original recipe was created by Frenchman Marius Fabre in 1900 and the only olive oil based soap manufactured in france.

Road testing olive oil black soap

Intrigued I decided to road test the olive oil black soap on our greenhouse which has a thick build up of algae over the winter.

algae build up on greenhouse roof

A few drops in water was all that was needed.  It is very thick and gloopy and needs to be mixed well.  I quickly got to work using a window cleaning brush and found the soap performed admirably, removing grime and algae with ease.

olive oil black soap

The result was excellent giving the greenhouse a well deserved early spring clean  

olive oil black soap greenhouse test.

I had some soap mix left over. so I thought I would try it out on the conservatory, which also had a layer of algae and in need of cleaning.  I previously used UPVC cleaner which is not Eco friendly and always took for ever.  The olive oil black soap ripped through the grime.

conservatory before application.
   Before I got to work on it

It worked just as well on the glass as it did on the UPVC.  I was mightily impressed with the result and although this was a quick and dirty test – it passed with flying colors.  I particularly like the fact than any run off isn’t going to harm the lawn or kill wildlife such as insects and worms.  The soap smells pretty good as well – not surprisingly of olives! 

the conservatory test
   Looking so much better!

The other major benefit in the garden is pest control – particularly aphids.  I hate using chemical sprays on roses and other flowers affected by greefly and blackfly.  Olive oil black soap gives you the peace of mind that you will not harm the plants, other wild life or any crops (such as broad beans that blackfly love to infest).  Spraying diluted olive oil black soap takes that uncertainty and guilt away!

It also has many other benefits in the home:

Floor and tiled surface cleaning

Cleans sanitizes and leaves an incredible sheen.

Worktops, cookers and kitchen surfaces

Olive oil black soap cuts through grease, fat, stains on cooker hobs, extraction units, ovens, worktops and sinks.


Great for cleaning dishes, pots and greasy pans – makes glass sparkle! 

Superb, leaving glazing gleaming and stain free.

The rich olive content nourishes and shines leather products such as furniture, jackets and saddles.

Great for getting rid of stubborn stains that ordinary washing powder can’t shift.


Use ity on your car, motorbike, boats – leaves a beautiful shine.


Safely cleans dog and cat fur mking their coats shine and provides protection from allergies and parasites and eliminates pet odours.


Olive oil black soap is a game changer for me.  It is a one stop shop that has so many uses and is totally eco friendly. It can replace many different chemical  brands that are harmful to the environment.  What’s there not to love about this natural alternative? 

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