Tulips – A Blaze of Spring Colour

You really know when spring has sprung when tulips turn the garden into a kaleidoscope of vibrant colour. 

bakker tulips multi coloured

We bought several varieties back in late 2018 from bakker.com based in. the Netherlands.  They arrived quickly and it was quite apparent that Bakker really knows what they are doing.  The bulbs were superbly eco-packed and in tip-top condition, with ample planting instructions.

bakker tulips netherlands yellow

We spread them around the garden, trying to colour co-ordinate blocks of tulips, mostly in the flower beds and raised garden area but also in pots.  It is amazing how many tulips you can layer within a large garden pot and the result was quite spectacular, with continual colour for weeks on end.  The beauty of a pot display is that if you have the room, you can move the pot out of sight when all the petals have dropped.

yellow tulips changing colour

The tulips above were a real surprise as they started off a bright yellow and then morphed into yellow and peach…yes it is the same tulip.  This provided an ever-changing shade of colour in that corner of the garden.

white ivory bakker tulips

These ivory tulips were simply majestic and were one layer in a 50 bulb pot.  They came up first and stood tall and proud while the secondary more colourful layers below sprouted. 

mixed tulips bakker

This is looking directly across the top of several patio pots with different colours in each pot.  They all flowered together producing a riot of colour during the early stages of lockdown in March/ April 2020.  A cheerful view to wake up to every morning.


pink bakker tulips

I think the most glorious colours are always pinks and reds as they contrast with other green spring growth, singing out across the garden.  Simply a rainbow of joy to behold, swaying in the early morning breeze.

We don’t have a huge garden but you can certainly pack a lot of tulips into a reasonably small space.  The cost isn’t great either.  Bakker.com have many offers throughout the year and your selectin of tulips will come back year after year to brighten up your garden.

If you would like to see more photos of our garden flowers please visit @joannasgardenpics on Instagram.

I am the planter and digger and my wife joanna is the self-appointed overseer of the garden.  Basically, I am the gardener and she takes photos and directs, selects plants and where I dig and plant them!!!